What we Offer at Pascal Chiropractic

March 25, 2018

Here's a simple overview of some things we do at Pascal Chiropractic! More info to come in future posts!



Specific Chiropractic Care

Doctors Taylor and Michelle are subluxation-based chiropractors that prioritize the detection and removal of nervous system interference through chiropractic adjustments. A subluxation is your body's brilliant adaptation to the stressors it encounters. When the body is subluxation-free it can adapt and heal itself as is was designed to do! Chiropractic care is gentle, specific, and optimizes the function of the body as a whole! Doctors Pascal are well-versed in the Palmer Package of adjusting techniques which includes Gonstead, Thompson, Toggle-Recoil Upper-Cervical Specific and Diversified. The Doctors have taken additional courses to expand their skill sets, including extremity adjusting, Webster technique for pregnant mothers, Grostic Upper-Cervical and NRCT. With a wide array of adjusting techniques at their disposal, the Doctors ensure the right technique for each individual patient from, youth to advanced age.


Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation

The body's complex functions, down to the smallest cell, are all regulated by the nervous system. Chiropractic corrects the structure, and structure determines function. Chiropractic address the body's hardware (skeleton) while neurologic rehabilitation address the body's software (function/communication). Training in Functional Neurology, Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation, Applied Kinesiology and ARPwave Neuro-Therapy allows Doctor Taylor to identify specific neurologic functional deficits of specific nerves, and up-regulate that function. Restoring the body's normal function has proven miraculous for countless people. While this is not a claim to treat disease, normalizing nerve function has helped patients with many conditions from the chronic to the neuro-degenerative. There is no limit to the healing ability within the human body! To name a few conditions we've helped with these techniques: Fibromyalgia, CRPS/RSD; Multiple Sclerosis; ALS; Stroke; Spinal cord or Brain injury; Concussion; Paralysis; Sports or Work injuries; and the list goes on.


Body Detoxification

It is no secret we are bombarded with toxins in our everyday life, from the air we breath to the food we eat to the things we put on our skin. Ion Cleanse Detoxification literally pulls the toxins and inflammation out of the body, relieving it of compounds built up adding stress. The Ion Cleanse by AMD has helped thousands of patients detoxify and improve their skin health and allergies. The unit is also great at pulling the swelling out of an injured area. Maybe the coolest news from AMD, a recent research study outlines the profound improvements of the Ion Cleanse with Austistic patients! More to come!


Nutritional Guidance

We are what we eat! It is getting much more difficult to navigate around the nutrient-depleted fast and processed food we are constantly presented with. Without proper dietary intake, the body cannot function properly. Its important to make sure we intake a well-rounded, nutrient-rich variety of foods and stay sufficient in the essential vitamins and minerals. This way the body has the building blocks it needs to adapt and thrive. The goal is to get all the body needs from a natural, whole food diet, but sometimes supplementation is necessary and the Doctors Pascal can help guide you in this process specific to your needs.


School and Sport Physicals

Starting school or a new sport? Get your school or sports physical performed by us! We offer thorough and affordable physicals for all ages.





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