"But what trauma do babies go through?"

March 13, 2018




Hello all! It is a gloomy day in the Bay Area, so I figured I could curl up with a nice blanket & blog. My last post was all about chiropractic and pregnancy, but today its about the product of those pregnancies... BABIES!


I have been asked the question in the title plenty of times. Mothers, fathers, and curious individuals sometimes look at me funny when I tell them that I adjust infants and children in the office. Of course they ask, "but why do babies need to be adjusted... but what trauma do they go through?".


Easy answer, BIRTH. Childbirth is both traumatic on the mother's body as well as the baby's body.


If you can imagine, the baby has to go through so much just to make it out into the world. Whether they are coming out through the canal or through a C-section, there are so many forces being applied on the spine and limbs to get them out. Remember that some place use forceps and vacuums to aid in delivery.


These forces may lead to subluxations, and it is my job to gently remove those subluxations and allow the infant to function at their best.


Remember that infants and children still have a nervous system and spine just like adults. Just because they do not feel the aches and pains that we do, does not mean that they can not benefit from chiropractic care.


In addition to reducing subluxation caused by birth trauma, regular chiropractic care can help relieve the following:

-ear infections/aches

-colic and acid reflux

-latching/breastfeeding issues


-immunity issues


Again, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. You can email me at info@pascalchiro.com

Until the next blog... be safe & get adjusted.






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