Stress, Toxicity, and Detoxification

July 2, 2018

Considering detoxifying your body? Here's why you should.

     Stress is the number one cause of health issues. There are three kinds of stressors; physical, chemical, and emotional. The body is brilliantly designed to handle the three of these, but the body can get overloaded and that's when things can go awry.
     Much of the stress on the body in modern day life is chemical stress. There are many sources for this, one being the environment. Just the air we breath can have a toxic effect if it contains high amounts of car or industrial exhaust, among other things.
     The food we eat is a major source of toxicity. GMO, processed foods, preservatives and other additives are all foreign to our body and can wreak havoc if they build up within the system. Unless one is on a whole food diet, which most aren't, foods we eat generally have more calories and less nutrients than our bodies evolved to utilize. Many of us eat to get full rather than to refuel and get nutrients into the body. Supplements help, but getting essential vitamins and minerals into the body is much more effective using whole foods that one prepares themselves.
     Decreased exercise and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to toxicity. When we exercise and sweat, our body expels toxins from our sweat glands. Exercise also gets our lymphatic system functioning, which helps the body transport waste.
     Mental or emotional stress can also turn to chemical stress. Our bodies "fight or flight" response, regulated by the sympathetic nervous system, is how we get ready to mount a physical response to a trigger. Evolutionarily, think of  ancient man having to run from a tiger in the wild. Identifying the tiger creates a cascade of stress hormones in the body like adrenaline and cortisol, preparing the body to run or fight.  Modern day mental stressors, like a deadline at work or relationship trouble, create the same response from the body. Ever have a thought enter your mind and feel your heart rate increase? That's the sympathetic nervous system in action. The problems arise when stress hormones are mobilized for a physical response but that physical response never comes. Now the body is left in a sympathetic state with no outlet. Consistently high levels of stress hormones can contribute to many issues, from the body storing excess fat to adrenal fatigue to a compromised immune system. This is because the body gets stuck in the stress response rather than being able to shift into a parasympathetic state during typical rest periods. This parasympathetic division of the nervous system is in charge of our bodies rest, digest, and heal functions and is absolutely vital in its recovery.
     Physical stress is more self-explanatory and can range from sports, to a fall at work, to sitting all day, to poor posture.

What happens when toxicity manifests?

Due to its side-effects on the body, toxicity can result in many different symptoms. Common symptoms include brain fog, weight gain, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system, skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, arthritis, insomnia, inflammation and the list goes on.


     It is important to take a well rounded approach to detoxifying the body. Simply eliminating items from the diet may be effective short term, but one needs to ensure the body’s multiple pathways of detoxification are supported during this process. A body cleanse that includes all the important nutrients that your body needs while also cutting out the chemicals, processed food, and added ingredients is a great approach. Here are some simple guidelines to get started:

-Replace sweet sugary drinks with water, unsweetened tea or detox drinks. Hydration is key
-Minimize sugar intake, like candy, pastries, sweets
-Cut out proceed and refined foods like meals prepackaged and ready to eat.
-Add more whole food ingredients, raw foods, fruits, veggies and healthy proteins.
-Eat less processed meat like sausage and bacon and more grass-fed beef, fish and chicken.
-Grapefruit, bone broth, sprouts, berries, beets nuts and chia seeds help support detoxification.
-Use herbs to season instead of salt
-Daily exercise, doesn’t have to be intense but get moving!
-Use healthy outlets for stress like exercise, mindful breathing, meditation or whatever works for you


     Of course, Chiropractic can play a pivotal role in detoxification. Organs like the liver and kidney that are responsible for cleansing the body are directly regulated by the nervous system. If their connection to the brain is inhibited or impinged, they cannot function properly. Chiropractic focuses on restoring proper nerve supply to the organs, muscles and tissues, optimizing communication from the brain to the rest of the body and allowing the body to function and self-heal as it was designed to do.

     If you have questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact Drs. Pascal by phone or over social media!




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