Measure Twice, Adjust Once.

August 5, 2019


There is a lot of information out there and it gets harder to find accurate info from reliable sources.


With all the misinformation perpetuated about chiropractic and the vastly different doctors and offices one could come across, it is no wonder why people have some questions.


In regards to spinal analysis and knowing where and when to adjust, people are curious.


One question that may be more common than others is "But how do you know, do you just feel it?"


The answer is really yes and no.


Chiropractors use a wide range of indicators to let us know where in the spine we have misaligned vertebrae interfering with proper function of the nervous system, from visual indications of imbalance to palpatory (touch) findings like abnormal muscle tone and decreased rang of motion, to special tests like leg length discrepancy; many even incorporate some state of the art technology in the analysis.


We have a hierarchy of indicators we can use to know when and where the body needs to receive and adjustment.


At the top of the hierarchy, many place infrared thermography.


Thermography has been used in Chiropractic for nearly a century and there are many techniques that still utilize it today.


Thermography in this case refers to temperature differentials being measured and plotted on a graph in order to gain insight to the function of the body.


Since Chiropractic is concerned with the proper balance and function of the nervous system and due to the association of the spine with the nervous system, infrared paraspinal thermography is utilized in chiropractic offices.


By measuring absolute temperatures on each side of the spine and comparing the temperature differences from one side to the other, we can identify whether the body is in a state of ease, adapting to stressors of life, or whether the body is succumbing to stress and falling into its typical pattern of dysfunction, and in need of an adjustment.


It is the responsibility of the nervous system, specifically the autonomic portion, to regulate blood flow to the skin's capillary beds.


In an adaptive state of ease, temperatures should be fairly even from one side to the other and our graphs should be dynamic and dissimilar.


When bodies are not adapting to stress, they tend to exhibit the same pattern of dysfunction, like a fingerprint, allowing us to recognize this maladaptive state and know when it is an appropriate time to deliver a chiropractic adjustment. 


This is vitally important in our objective assessment because our goal is for the body to not actually to need an adjustment.


When we are holding our proper alignment and our nervous system is functioning interference free, we can adapt to physical chemical and mental stressors.


This is when the body can heal.


This is why we would rather not adjust.


If the adjustment can have such profoundly positive affects when delivered in the right place, with the right technique at the appropriate time, than an adjustment given when it is not needed could have equally detrimental affects.


Ways of objectively measuring function of the body give us confidence and reproducibility in our scientific analysis.


Medicine relies heavily on symptoms and how we feel in order to make a diagnosis, however, symptoms we experience are rarely a good indication of whether or not we need to be adjusted.


This is because we may be feeling terrible but actually the body is functioning as it was designed to do.


Take food poisoning for example, one might be stuck in the bathroom feeling miserable, but the body is actually doing exactly what it should be doing, working to expel unwelcome critters from the body.


Another example of this could be a cavity or a heart attack.


By the time we feel effects of either condition, they have been manifesting for quite some time.


Make sure your chiropractor uses an objective and scientific approach to his analysis and values NOT needing to adjust.


This is true chiropractic.


This is how we unlock the healing potential of the human body.


This is the greatest healthcare product in the world.


Have you tried chiropractic yet?

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