August 12, 2019



Why do we brush and floss our teeth?


In order to prevent tooth and gum disease and keep our teeth white.


Prevention is the key aspect here.


We know that whether we have symptoms or not, we need to practice  consistent dental hygiene because we don’t want to develop a condition.


By the time we feel pain or symptoms of cavities or other conditions, we have been developing or growing into this state for quite some time.


The same is true for the spine.


The spine and spinal cord are the lifeline between the brain and body.


If we don’t take good care of our spine, focusing on strength, mobility, and proper alignment, the spine will decay just like our teeth.


Quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of our spine and nervous system.


Chiropractors are the only professionals trained to locate dysfunctional areas of the spine affecting proper nerve function and restore normal function with gentile and specific chiropractic adjustments.


While many people first seek chiropractic care as a solution to a pain related issue, many people chose regular chiropractic maintenance or wellness care to help them express their full potential in life and avoid developing issues later.


It is easy to see how those under wellness care in our practice benefit compared to those just starting care or those that use chiropractic as acute care or natural pain relief.


Those under wellness care not only experience fewer aches and pains, but they sleep better,  get injured or flared up less, fall to sickness infrequently, recover faster when they do and overall live a life less restricted by their body.


For the little ones wellness can be especially important.


It helps ensure that developing nervous systems are doing so free of interference, allowing optimal expression of life and greater likelihood of hitting growth milestones on time and in the right order.


Like diet and exercise, wellness is a lifestyle choice.


No medical textbook or dictionary has ever defined health as the absence of symptoms.


For this reason, it’s important to take a proactive approach to our health and spinal hygiene to ensure that we age gracefully and reach our full genetic potential.


This is why in our office we don’t use the term “get adjusted,” rather we use “get checked and adjusted when necessary.”


In our office and other great chiropractic practices, we would rather not need to adjust a patient. Holding proper alignment and neurologic expression means our bodies are adapting to stress rather than breaking down under it. 


If this makes sense and you and your family are not under current chiropractic care, look up your local family doctor of chiropractic and experience the benefits yourself!


If you have been using chiropractic care as natural pain relief and not adopted the lifestyle of preventative maintenance care, you could be getting more out of it!


Find the doc that is the right fit for you and stick with them.


Let us know if we can point you in the right direction!

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